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"Go's okay." I nodded and took a grip on his left foot, raising it slightly so that it was off my lap and closer to my face. I wanted to press my nose into his foot, but I was afraid to try. Instead I pushed the leg of his pants up slightly, then ran my hand along the length of his black sock, until I could feel a dusting of hair on his upper calf. I let my fingers dance over that hair, but not for too long. Then I hooked them into the top of his sock and started pulling down. Little by little, his lower calf was revealed to me, then his ankle. I slid the sock over and past his heel. For a second, I just let the sock sit there, half on and half off. I rubbed my hand over his heel. It was smooth and warm to the touch. I looked at Mark's face. He was expressionless. I couldn't tell if he was enjoying this or if he was indifferent and simply doing this out of obligation. Not wanting to question his demeanor, I quickly pulled his sock off. Now his bare foot was resting in my lap. I held it. I gave the arch a squeeze. He wiggled his toes slowly, stretching them. I was grinning. I could feel it. "Well? Everything you'd hoped for?" I looked at him again. Now he was smiling. "Yeah, this is great," I said, with great enthusiasm. "Good." With a gesture towards the clock, he reminded me of the time limit. "If you want to do anything else, you've got about thirteen minutes." "Okay." Without any procrastination, I pulled the sock off his other foot. But I took a second to look at them. Those smooth soles and long toes of his sure did look tasty. I licked my lips. "So, Mark..." I said. "How far can I go here?" He put a hand over his face and sighed. "I'm not touching anything and I'm not putting anything in my mouth, but you...we agreed..." He shook his head. "Look, just hurry up, okay?" I took his right foot by the heel and lifted it to my face. Instinctively, I gave it a sniff, and then I dove right in and started sucking his toes. I started with the smaller ones, one and two at a time. Mark was wiggling them in my mouth. Then I started to suck on his big toe. I sucked it as if it were a cock, using my tongue, teasing it, licking it. With my free hand, I could feel the toes of his other foot, wiggling and squirming. But his face, what I could see of it, revealed nothing. I grabbed his other foot, lifted it close, and started licking the sole. God, it tasted so good. Like a madman I sucked the toes of that foot, then switched back again. I'd been afraid that Mark would flinch or back away once things got going, but he didn't. He remained silent and steadfast.